15 thoughts on “A Tesla Turbine

  1. it can be used to pump air or water or use air or water to make energy or pump using electric energy when you connect it to a motor

  2. if you had magnetic barring this would be so efficient for water turbine this would be so efficiency with a magnetic barring electric generator I wonder what the efficiency would be.

  3. and upgraded Edison’s light bulb to what we have today.. we owe Tesla A LOT .. From HAARP to wireless, RC control and electric railway systems.. Yes, a lot.

  4. What if … the exhaust of the teals turbine is connected to a tube , that has bladed tourbine in it ? 2 in 1 ? more efficient ?

  5. Did you calculate effeciency? I made one as my Final Year Project in engineering that ran upto 14000 revs with 6 inch plates(dia) but never calculated its efficiency. Connect it with steam source (using parabolic solar collector) and generate electricity. Best possible alternate energy source.

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