10 thoughts on “First Electric Car in 1918 – Nikola Tesla

  1. All conjecture. How could you possibly know what he had a bill for. What was the name of the Mechanics? Why would he ask a Mechanic to install his electric motor? Surely an easy feat for Tesla himself. Has anyone seen this newspaper article from Austria? If so can you tell me where I can find the wording to it.
    And finally wouldn’t he just ask the Mechanic to put back Ford’s original engine so there could never be proof of this in the first place.

  2. no, i forgot to mention, he had a bill at the mechanics where he took out Ford’s V12 engine out, and before that he was buying some products ( can’t remember what ) in a shop and again asked a mechanic to install his electric motor. There was also a newspaper article in Austria when that happened, but due to war it was all forgotten, after he drove the car, he asked mechanic to put back Ford’s original engine, and then he returned the car to the shop.

  3. All the points in my last post remain. So, he had a bill for buying a model T. Ever thought he might have just driven it? It’s what most people that buy a car do. Most so called free energy inventors today are either scamming or hoaxing. Tesla is used as a springboard for fueling conspiracy and supporting hoaxes and scams. Cars can’t run on water. Neither can they run on electricity from the Earths EM Field, or for that matter the Ionosphere.

  4. God knows where you have gotten this information from but one thing is certain. Nikola Tesla never designed, built or made any kind of electric car. There is no proof that he did, no evidence that he did, no reason at all to believe he did. There seems to me, to be gullible people prepared to believe just about anything they read about Tesla. That tesla was a genius and created AC Electricity there is no doubt, but much of the rest is simply made up.

  5. Tesla constructed the electric motor that no one could explain how it worked. He drove 9 days non-stop reaching maximum speed of 100 kph, how he made this is unknown and most of the evidence and patents is held by US goverment.
    Nikola Tesla did not drive the car because he didn’t have a license, so he asked his closest friend who was an military officer in Austria.

  6. With the state of batteries in those days, electric cars had pitiful range compared to internal combustion engined cars. Ditto steam, which had to be fuelled and watered regularly. The fact that IC engines had to be hand cranked made electric and steam popular with women. The moving production line and standardisation made the Model T way cheaper than other cars, but it was the adaptation of the electric starter to IC engines that sealed the fate of electric and steam, as long as gas was cheap.

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