22 thoughts on “free energy from air through tower 2

  1. Actually you’ll need to pump that 90 volts into a capacitor and then pulse a battery to charge it or a super capacitor… Then it will carry a load.

  2. Well said!
    Unfortunately consumer electronics aren’t going to change standards.
    However, while “free” energy is debatable, there is deffinitely ambient energy (heat, light, radio waves etc)
    Probably the most interesting kind of ambient energy is radio wave static.
    A lot of that comes from pulsars in deep space and some of it is the light from the big bang, all capturable.

  3. people are always on the hunt for free energy…..trying to produce enough to carry a load….instead of doing all that,what we need to be doing is recreating all electronics to run from a smaller amount of power, because we all know you can get a certain amount of actual free energy….there has to be some balance between the 2….building the “correct” antenna is where its at…..oscillation,resonance,frequencies…….

  4. put 4 ft deep copper ground sink on north side of house (shade) and a 2 ft aluminum ground on south side of house (sun) and use that circuit to cross between the 2 grounds and antenna…you can get 220v!

  5. 90v @250 ma will light an led.  transformed to 12v, it will charge a car battery. combined with a kapanadze coil and a microwave oven transformer and cap, you can get 220v usable power than can take load.. depending on configuration and stability of ground, enough to tie to grid.

  6. I would say you are reading ‘static electricity’, yet the term is misleading because it infers it is “static”. There is nothing static in electricity. The electrons never stop moving, unless they reach absolute zero (-260C). There is going to be always some kind of potential accumulated in the material, because charges will become stable for some time, until they discharge and the process will continue. With air around, this happens continuously, hence there is ‘flow’, current.

  7. with the larger radio towers operating in the 500k-1MW power range. HF is an “earth wave” so there are a lot bouncing around in the atmosphere, freefor the taking also.

  8. true enough. 9000V would be pretty phenomenal, or parallel at 3 amps (not so great), but you apply a load, the IR drop through the source itself would just about use all the power just to cause a current to flow, not including the load itself. Hopefully there is revelation to be had that could change everything. I would think it would be easier to just rig up a bunch of 1/4 wave antennas at an HF resonant frequency and amplify the output. Most FM transceivers output like 5w-10w…..

  9. 100 is a lot of hanging open wires! Lets say you can do it all for 1000$, so 10$ each setup. Not a bad price but you forgot something. Resistance. Not an that idea most will find practical

  10. r you using a core inside the coils aslo can you help me get mine working i have dafman setup but not getting that far other than the neon lights up when i disconnect the charge battery any ideas on what i might be missing please gr8 video btw mate

  11. Xcellent experiment, self oscillation between coils, oppossing fields produce more energy (but this is no radiant) nor the source. But is very interesting anyway. And would be more with DIFFERENTIAL (1) principle applied to fields, 10 to 9 between coils. I bet you will get there

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